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Water Damage

Water Damage & floods

Don't wait! When dealing with water damage it is crucial to act fast, so call Bob's Cleaning and restoration for a free verbal quote today! We work with all insurance companies
Wheather it's a major flood or just a small leak, water damage can leave odors, damage to the structure and cause mon/ mildew. Bob's cleaning and restoration act fast to prevent any further damage and restore the property back to its initial condition. With years of experience, bob and his team have encountered all kinds of floods and cleanups giving them the knowledge to react quickly and efficiently to resolve any water damage concerns YOU may have.

As IICRC certified technicians, Bob's cleaning and restoration has the tools equipment and knowledge to step into any flood job and get it done quickly, safely and efficiently.

Flood Process

24/7 Emergency Service
Inspection &assessment of damage
Truck mounted water extraction and removal
Drying and dehumidifying
Cleaning and sanitizing

Minimizing Losses

Commercial grade drying Equipment will be appropriately placed throughout all water-damaged areas improving the efficiency of drying walls, wet carpets and more. Proper drying is crucial to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition, our team has the right tools to put your mind at ease.

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